• Acrylicos Vallejo - 28024 - 噴罐 Hobby Spray Paint - 蒼白膚色 Pale Flesh - 400 ml.(NT 400)

Vallejo Hobby Paint Sprays是底漆和高顏料顏色的完美結合,適用於所有金屬,塑料和樹脂模型和微縮模型。我們全新獨創的AV噴霧配方帶來完美的啞光和自流平效果,旨在尊重並帶來最精細的模特和微縮細節。
Vallejo Hobby Paint Spray品種包括3種基本顏色,19種幻想色調,5種WWII AFV,4種WWII步兵顏色和3種保護漆(共34種顏色)。
每個Hobby Paint Spray都會在頂部的彩色環上顯示原始顏色,並配有2個不同的噴嘴;一個排放流量低,特別推薦用於細線和小細節,另一個具有中等排放流量,建議用於較粗的線路和覆蓋較大的表面;低壓閥可實現出色的噴霧控制。
該系列還配有3種不同的保護漆 - 亮光,消光和半光 - 建議在模型全部完成後再使用保護漆。
包裝:該系列產品有400毫升。 / 9,31盎司/ 264克。能夠。

The Vallejo Hobby Paint Sprays are a perfect combination of base coat and highly pigmented color, developed for use on all metal, plastic and resin models and miniatures. Our new original and unique AV spray formula leaves a perfect matt and self levelling finish, designed to respect and bring forth even finest details of the models and miniatures.
The Vallejo Hobby Paint Spray assortment includes 3 Basic colors, 19 Fantasy shades, 5 WWII AFV, 4 WWII Infantry colors and 3 varnishes (34 colors in total).
The new Spray Colors are a perfect match to the corresponding shades available in our Game and Model Color ranges, so both painting techniques can be combined.
Each Hobby Paint Spray shows the original color applied on the colored ring around the top and is equipped with 2 different nozzles; one with a low discharge flow, especially recommended for fine lines and small details, and the other with a medium discharge flow, recommended for thicker lines and for covering larger surfaces; the low pressure valve allows for excellent spray control.
The range is complemented with 3 different varnishes- Gloss, Matt and Satin- recommended for providing extra protection when handling your figures and to give them an overall uniform appearance.
Packaging:The range is available in a 400 ml. / 9,31 oz. / 264 g. can.

Acrylicos Vallejo - 28024 - 噴罐 Hobby Spray Paint - 蒼白膚色 Pale Flesh - 400 ml.(NT 400)

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